Lip filler for the first time

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Dr. Stavrov Aesthetics

Lip augmentation and contouring is one of the most desired aesthetic corrections. And most often it is preceded by a detailed acquaintance with the essence of the procedure. Is it painful? How long do lip fillers last? How long is the manipulation itself? Which filler is best? What is the cost of lip fillers? These are questions that concern every lady before placing lip fillers for the first time.

поставяне на хиалурон

Choose your doctor

Most often, the choice is based on a recommendation from one or more friends, especially if you like the result of their procedure. A reference from a close person carries the most weight when making decisions of this type. If one is still missing, the most reliable source is the before/after photos in the injector's portfolio, as well as reviews on forums or Google / Facebook. Our advice is to entrust your face only to doctors with the necessary certification. Injecting hyaluronic acid by unqualified personnel can be very dangerous and lead to adverse reactions ranging in severity from frustration to infections, blood vessel occlusion, necrosis and even blindness.

Before and after lip filler injection for the first time

As already mentioned, when you do not have a recommendation from a reliable source we trust the portfolio. Take plenty of time to browse the clinic galleries. Most often, the photos are taken before and immediately after the procedure. Unfortunately, it is an increasingly common practice to manipulate them using image processing programs in order to achieve a more impressive effect. The most informative are photos taken against a dark background, in front or semi-profile, in which, in addition to the lips, the nose and chin are also visible, which gives an idea of ​​their proportions and how they relate to the face as a whole.

We will present you some before/after photos of lips taken in our clinic.

1 мл. хиалуронова киселина в устните за първи път
Lips augmentation and contouring
0.8 мл хиалурон
Lips augmentation and contouring
Lip augmentation
Lip augmentation
Lip augmentation with 1 ml. of HA

What kind of lips do you prefer?

Try to find photos of lips that you like. It is best if they are without lipstick, and the photo is in front or half profile. In this way, you will be able to guide your doctor about the result you are looking for - shape, size, proportions. If you still can't find what you like, you can use a mirror and show how you imagine your lips to look.

Aesthetic consultation

You already have an idea of ​​who to trust for your upcoming aesthetic procedure, you've read all the internet literature on the subject, but you still have doubts or unanswered questions. Use your right to an aesthetic consultation. During this, you will be able to meet your doctor, the essence of the manipulation will be explained to you in detail, and you will be able to ask your questions.

Choosing a lip filler for first time

Which is the best lip filler? There is no single answer. However, there is a most suitable product, determined by the final aesthetic result that the patient is aiming for. The lips are involved in making thousands of movements daily. Lip fillers should be dynamic ie. to be able to follow all the curves that are formed by the movement of the lips themselves. If they do not meet this requirement, there is a risk of the formation of the so-called "lumps" and "balls". The dynamic fillers themselves differ in their density. The softer ones are used to contour and hydrate the lips, a typical example isJuvederm UltraSmile 0.55ml, when aiming for a more expressive result, it is appropriate to use thicker products and a larger amount (e.g. 1ml) – here the choice of fillers is large and includes Juvederm products (Juvederm Volbella, Juvederm Ultra 3), Restylane (Restylane Kysse), Teosyal (Teosyal Kiss, Teosyal RHA3), Saypha (Saypha Filler), Revolax (Revolax Deep) and more.

Price for placing hyaluronic acid on the lips

The price depends on the selected product, which in turn is determined by the desired aesthetic result. The prices of facial fillers vary widely depending on the brand, sub-product (each brand has a set of products with different characteristics determining their rheology and density), volume (fillers on the market are in sterile syringes from 0.5 to 1.5 ml). You can find a price list of the services we offer at here.

Preparation before injecting HA

In the narrow sense, such a concept does not exist. Blood-thinning medications (e.g. Aspirin), as well as most non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen, etc.) prolong the bleeding time, which increases the risk of hematoma formation and swelling after the procedure. Avoid the period when you are unwell, because then the risk of hematomas and swelling is also higher and the sensitivity threshold is lower. These conditions are not mandatory, but this way the swelling will disappear much faster.

How the procedure is done

The day has come and you are about to have hyaluronic placed in your lips for the first time. Whether it's the first time or the second time, the algorithm is the same. Once again, your doctor explains the essence of the procedure, you discuss the final result and ask questions, if any.

Next comes the anesthesia. It is most often performed with lidocaine or another anesthetic in the form of a cream. The semimucosa of the lips is highly permeable and analgesia occurs within minutes. Here is the time to note that the sensations of touch and pressure are preserved, but those of pain are not. Lidocaine can also be found in the form of a spray, but it is more inconvenient to apply in this form. There is another option before you - a wire or nerve block. Such anesthesia is applied during a dental visit. In addition, most lip fillers contain a small amount of lidocaine. Your lips may feel particularly large from the anesthetic – this is normal. After anesthesia, the product is injected and finally - massaging the area so that it can be distributed evenly.

Care after lip filler injection for the first time

You are required not to traumatize the area in the next few days (by trauma we mean massages, etc.). Stop smoking for a few hours. No anesthesia is required. The treated area will have mild to moderate swelling, which will be most pronounced the next morning and will be completely resorbed in a few days. Then you can enjoy your new lips!


Trust your doctor to choose the right product and amount. Take it step by step. And remember - if your lips feel small it's much easier to add product than to break it down.

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