Asymmetric smile

бръчки на челото

Asymmetrical smile. Correction of an asymmetrical smile with botulinum toxin (Botox).

There is hardly another action like a smile that requires so many participants. This process involves all the facial muscles located in the middle and lower facial floor. These muscles are most often paired, located on both facial halves. Sometimes the action of one of a couple is more pronounced, and this leads to an asymmetrical smile.

There are three different types of smiles. Most often (63%) a person smiles by visibly pulling and lifting the corners of the lips, revealing about 80% of the surface of the incisors. It is due to the dominance of m. zygomaticus major. In 35% of the population, the smile proceeds with lifting in the central part, revealing the dog's teeth. In this case there is a more active participation of m. levator labii superioris and m. levator labii superioris aleque nasi. Sometimes the dominance of these muscles is significant and is accompanied by significant disclosure of the dental crown - the so-called gummy smile. Only 2% of people smile with partial or complete disclosure of the upper and lower dentitions.

When correcting an asymmetrical smile, a careful analysis of the strength of each of the muscles involved in this action must be made. Hyperactive muscles relax through the application of botulinum toxin.

колко време отнема корекцията на асиметрична усмивка
асиметрия при усмихване - възстановяване
асиметрична усмивка - трайност
цена за корекция на несиметрична усмивка

How is the correction of an asymmetrical smile done

The skin is cleansed. The area can be pre-anesthetized with lidocaine in the form of a cream, which is applied for 10-15 minutes. Your doctor will ask you to smile broadly. In this way, muscle activity can be determined. Botox is injected with a thin needle, and the injection points are usually 2-4. Bruises rarely occur at the injection site.

Price for asymmetrical smile correction

It depends on the units used, which in turn are determined by the activity and strength of the muscles. With us the price for correction of an asymmetrical smile with Botox varies from BGN 100 to BGN 200. For current prices of the offered services you can see our pricelist.

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Pre-treatment precautions

Stop taking Aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs at least 7 days before the procedure. Do not drink alcohol the day before the procedure.


It is not necessary. It is possible to use an anesthetic in the form of a cream.


The duration of the procedure is about 10-20 minutes. The effect lasts between 3 and 6 months.

Post-treatment care

You may have redness that will go away in 2 hours. Anesthesia is not necessary. Do not bend down or lie down for the next 4 hours. The day after the procedure, do not exercise or drink alcohol. Do not massage the treated area.


Pregnancy, lactation, local infection in the treated area, malignant and some autoimmune diseases.

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