Oral commissure lifting

бръчки на челото

Lifting the corners of the lips with botulinum toxin (Botox).

The corners of the lips have undergone significant changes over the years. At an early age, they are directed upwards, in the 20s and 30s they level up and finally turn downwards, creating an expression of sadness. In most cases, this decline is due to loss of support in middle facial floor and underlying tissues. Restoring these lost volumes secondarily leads to lifting the corners of the lips and leveling them.

In some cases, the pronounced puppet lines and the decrease in the corners of the lips are not due to loss of support from the underlying tissues, but to increased activity of m. depressor anguli oris. This muscle pulls the corners of the lips down when contracted, for example when expressing sadness. Through the application of botulinum toxin can relax, as a result of which it occurs lifting the corners of the lips and smoothing puppet lines.

For a longer and more satisfying effect, it is recommended to combine with hyaluronic filler.

When to use Botox to lift the corners of the lips

  • drooping of the corners of the mouth
  • in expressive puppet lines
  • when the face and lips express sadness
  • overactivity of m. depressor anguli oris

How is the procedure for applying Botox for lifting sagging lips?

The skin is cleaned in advance. Your doctor will make you lift and curl your lower lip forward. In this way you will be able to assess the strength of your facial muscles. Then, with the help of a dermatological pencil, he will mark the injection points on your skin - most often around 2-4. With the help of a very thin needle, the skin is pierced and Botox is injected. Then the area is carefully cleaned. The procedure takes 10-20 minutes and the effect lasts between 4 and 6 months.


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■ pronounced puppet lines
■ depression of the angles of the mouth

Pre-treatment precautions

Stop taking Aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs at least 7 days before the procedure. Do not drink alcohol the day before the procedure.


It is not necessary. It is possible to use an anesthetic in the form of a cream.


The duration of the procedure is about 10-20 minutes. The effect lasts between 4 and 6 months.

Post-treatment care

You may have redness that will go away in 2 hours. Anesthesia is not necessary. Do not bend down or lie down for the next 4 hours. The day after the procedure, do not exercise or drink alcohol. Do not massage the treated area.


Pregnancy, lactation, local infection in the treated area, malignant and some autoimmune diseases.

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