Frown lines

бръчки на челото

Frown lines. Removal of wrinkles between the eyebrows with botulinum toxin.

Frown lines are called vertical, parallel wrinkles that form between the two eyebrows. This area is referred to as the glabella and is one of the most commonly treated areas. In the formation of the frown lines are involved several muscles that protect the eyes from sudden bright light, dust particles and more. Overactivity of these muscles leads to the formation of horizontal and vertical lines in this area. Initially, these wrinkles are dynamic and are visible only during muscle contraction, after which they disappear when it relaxes. Over time, they become static, which are also present at rest. Insufficient hydration, excessive exposure to sunlight and solariums without adequate sun protection are factors that accelerate this process.

The presence of frown lines gives a stern / angry look. Fortunately, this is one of the problems that is most easily corrected. The application of botulinum toxin is an absolutely safe procedure that leads to smoothing of these lines and a slight lifting of the inner end of the eyebrow. Often the relaxation of only this muscle group leads to compensatory hyperactivity of the frontal muscle. Therefore, wrinkles in the area of ​​the glabella are recommended forehead are recommended to be adjusted simultaneously.

When it is appropriate to remove angry wrinkles with Botox

  • in the presence of deep, vertical and horizontal wrinkles between the eyebrows
  • when you involuntarily close your eyebrows
  • when you wrinkle the skin between your eyebrows when reading or staring
колко време отнема заличаването на гневна бръчка
възстановяване след корекция на гневна бръчка
бръчки между веждите - трайност
цена за премахване на гневна бръчка

How is the procedure for correction of frown lines with Botox done

The procedure is not painful and is easily tolerated. If necessary, you can use lidocaine cream, which is applied to the skin for 10-15 minutes. Your doctor will make you frown and close your eyebrows. In this way, he will be able to assess the strength of your muscle, which depends on the amount of botulinum toxin units used. Then, with the help of a dermatological pencil, he will mark the injection points on your skin - most often they are around 5-6. Using a very thin needle, the skin is pierced and Botox is injected. The area is then carefully cleaned. The procedure takes 10-20 minutes and the effect lasts between 4 and 8 months.

  • Correcion of frown lines

Post-treatment care

In the next 3-4 hours you should not lie down and bend over for a long time. On the day after the procedure, do not exercise or drink alcohol. Do not clean the face with disinfectants and products that may contain alcohol or alcohol. You will not have bruises and swelling, which allows you to immediately return to your daily duties. Avoid saunas, steam baths and other heat treatments for the next few days. The effect will begin to appear on day 3-4, when you will feel difficulty trying to frown. Follow-up of the results of the procedure is done every 10-14 days. If there is still movement in the area and correction is needed, it is done at the expense of the clinic.

Price for correction of frown lines with Botox

It depends on the units used, which in turn are determined by the activity and strength of the muscles. With us, the price for removing wrinkles between the eyebrows with botulinum toxin is about 150-200 BGN for women and about 200-250 BGN for men. For current prices of the offered services you can see ours pricelist.

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When the procedure for correction of wrinkles between the eyebrows with botulinum toxin is not appropriate

  • pregnancy and lactation
  • in the presence of infection in the treated area
  • in malignant diseases


Botox or filler for the treatment of frown lines?

Frown lines are dynamic wrinkles, ie. they are due to muscle contraction. Therefore, the best option for their elimination is the use of botulinum toxin to limit muscle activity. Placing a filler in this area is dangerous due to the anatomical features of the area and is avoided.

How many units of Botox are needed to correct angry wrinkles?

The units used are determined by several factors - the type of botulinum toxin, the strength and shape of the target muscles. Aesthetic consultation is necessary for accurate determination. You can find more at here.

Is there a need for correction or re-visit after the procedure?

The effect of botulinum toxin begins after a few days and fully unfolds in about 2 weeks. If there is still unwanted movement after this period, it is possible to add more units, but this is rarely necessary.

Review of Dr. Stavrov, aesthetic dermatologist in Sofia

There is hardly another procedure in which there is such a positive difference before and after, as in the application of botulinum toxin. Botox will remove those wrinkles that are due to muscle movement. These are the so-called dynamic wrinkles. When they are not corrected for a long period of time, they become static, ie. those that are available and at rest. Then it is necessary to apply ablative procedures. Therefore, it is more appropriate to act in a timely manner and to prevent the deepening of these wrinkles between the eyebrows.

Dr. Konstantin Stavrov, co-owner of Dr. Stavrov Aesthetics clinic in Sofia

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