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Hyperhidrosis. Treatment of profuse sweating with botulinum toxin (Botox).

Hyperhidrosis is any condition in which there is sweating in excess of what is necessary to maintain normal regulation and homeostasis. The most commonly affected areas are the armpits, palms and soles. It is necessary to exclude an underlying disease or side effect from medications taken as the cause of this condition.

Excessive sweating can manifest itself in various degrees and significantly impair the quality of life. Sweat secretion is enhanced by high temperatures, exercise and stress. The use of Botox for the treatment of hyperhidrosis is completely safe and significantly reduces localized sweating without disturbing physiological functions.

Botulinum toxin is probably the most reliable therapy for hyperhidrosis. Its advantage over other procedures is its easy implementation, safe effect, no side effects and no recovery period. The procedure is performed once, within one session, and the effect is present in the first days after that. It is suitable for all persons over 18 years of age, and for minors it is used for strictly fixed medical indications. The action of botulinum toxin lasts between 4 and 12 months.

All Botox applications can be found at this page.

When is Botox needed to treat excessive sweating?

  • with profuse sweating of the palms or soles
  • in case of excessive sweating in the armpits
  • in case of ineffectiveness of some of the convection methods for combating hyperhidrosis
Хиперхидроза - колко време отнема процедурата
Хиперхидроза - възстановяване след ботокс за хиперхидроза
Хиперхидроза - продължителност на ефекта от лечението
Хиперхидроза - цена

How the procedure for treatment of hyperhidrosis works

Botulinum toxin is most commonly used to treat sweating in the armpits, palms and soles. The procedure usually begins with the so-called. iodine test in which an iodine solution is applied to the treated area. It helps us to find exactly the areas with the most expressive sweat secretion. Anesthesia is applied in the form of a cream, which needs to stand for about 30 minutes. The lidocaine is then removed and the area is cleaned. Botox is injected in small doses every few millimeters. The level of injection is essential - in these cases we do not target the muscles, but the deep part of the dermis. The palms and soles of the feet are more sensitive and there may be some discomfort. The skin is then cleansed. The effect will begin to appear after a few days, when you will notice a drastic reduction in sweating. Its duration is 6-10 months.

Post-treatment care

On the day after the procedure, do not exercise or drink alcohol. Do not clean treated areas with disinfectants and products that may contain alcohol or alcohol. Avoid saunas, steam baths and other heat treatments for the next few days. The effect will begin to manifest itself in 3-4 days. When injecting in the palms of your hands, you may experience weakness when you try to squeeze, but this feeling goes away in a few days.

Price for the treatment of hyperhidrosis with Botox

Our prices vary from 650 to 800 BGN depending on the number of units used. For current prices of the offered services you can see ours pricelist.

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Pregnancy, lactation, local infection in the treated area, malignant and some autoimmune diseases.

Review of Dr. Stavrov, aesthetic dermatologist in Sofia

Botulinum toxin is the most effective method of dealing with unwanted sweating. It provides safe and lasting results. As episodes of hyperhidrosis become most pronounced in the summer, our patients most often visit us in the spring months for this case.

Dr. Konstantin Stavrov, co-owner of Dr. Stavrov Aesthetics clinic in Sofia

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