Mastication muscles and treatment of bruxism with Botox

бръчки на челото

Mastication muscles. Chewing muscle relaxation and treatment of bruxism with botulinum toxin (Botox).

The masticatory muscles are a group of four pairs of muscles that perform the movement of the lower jaw and the process of chewing. When we talk about botox of the mastication muscles in the narrow sense it is a question of application of botulinum toxin on masseters (m. masseter). Its hypertrophy may be due to bruxism (involuntary clenching of the teeth) or due to genetic predisposition. Bruxism causes damage to tooth enamel. Symptoms of overactivity of the masticatory muscles are gnashing of teeth, pain and stiffness in the mandibular joint, morning headache. In 9 out of 10 people treatment of bruxism with botulinum toxin proves to be highly effective and solves the problem of involuntary and night squeezing of the jaws without the need to use night splints.

In addition, the hypertrophy of m. masseter leads to an increase in the width of the face in the lower front floor, which acquires a square shape. This change may emphasize masculinization in men, but in women it is undesirable and unattractive. By applying botulinum toxin in m. masseter, the latter relaxes and the face approaches the ideal heart shape. Chewing function is not impaired in any way, as 3 more muscles on each side are responsible for chewing, which compensate. When it comes to shaping the facial oval can be combined with jawline contouring with fillers.

When it is appropriate to put Botox in the masticatory muscles

  • in case of involuntary gnashing of teeth
  • for the treatment of bruxism
  • in case of masseter hypertrophy
  • relaxation of masticatory muscles
  • when correcting the lower jaw and facial oval
колко време отнема поставяне на ботокс в дъвкателни мускули
възстановяване след ботокс в дъвкателни мускули
трайност на ботокс при бруксизъм
цена за корекция на бруксизъм с ботокс

How is the procedure for placing Botox in the masseters done

Your doctor will make you grit your teeth to assess the strength of your masticatory muscles. The procedure is not painful, but if necessary the skin can be smeared with lidocaine cream for 10-15 minutes. You will then be injected with a thin needle of botulinum toxin into the masseurs. The formation of bruises and hematomas is uncharacteristic in this area and you can immediately return to your daily activities. The manipulation takes about 10-15 minutes and the effect lasts between 4 and 8 months.

  • Лечение на бруксизъм с ботокс
  • Поставяне на ботокс в дъвкателни мускули

Post-treatment care

You can return to your normal activities. There are no traces after the procedure, so many of our patients use their lunch break to find a solution to this common problem. Do not drink alcohol during the day and avoid cleaning your face with products containing alcohol and derivatives. For the next few days, avoid saunas, steam baths and heat treatments.

Price for placing Botox in the masticatory muscles

It depends on the units used, which in turn are determined by the activity and strength of the muscles. With us, the price for Botox injection in the masseters is about BGN 200-250 for women and about BGN 250-300 for men. For current prices of the offered services you can see ours pricelist.

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When the procedure for the treatment of bruxism with Botox is not appropriate

  • pregnancy and lactation
  • in the presence of infection in the treated area
  • in malignant diseases
  • when bruxism is due to an underlying disease


Can Botox be used against clenching teeth?

Squeezing your teeth is a symptom that occurs in a number of conditions. Botulinum toxin in masseters reduces their strength, which inevitably leads to a reduction or complete disappearance of clenching of the teeth.

Is it necessary to wear splints after putting Botox in the masseters?

Not necessarily. The splints have only a protective purpose, protecting the two rows of teeth from each other. As muscle strength decreases, so does the need to wear anti-bruxism splints.

Does the effect of the procedure accumulate?

Практически – не, но е установено, че след няколко апликации на ботулинов токсин мускулът “забравя” да се съкращава волево. Затова необходимостта от инжектиране на ботокс обикновено намалява след всяко едно поставяне в тази област.

Review of Dr. Stavrov, aesthetic dermatologist in Sofia

The use of botulinum toxin opens new perspectives in the fight against bruxism. In my practice, there are many patients who suffer from masticatory muscle hypertrophy to varying degrees. For most of them, wearing splints at night is associated with serious discomfort. In over 90% of them, Botox therapy is successful, which makes it a favorite in the fight against this problem.

Dr. Konstantin Stavrov, co-owner of Dr. Stavrov Aesthetics clinic in Sofia

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