Narrowing of the nostrils

бръчки на челото

Narrowing of the nose. Narrowing of the nostrils with botulinum toxin (Botox).

When it comes to non-surgical narrowing of the nose most often we talk about narrowing of the nostrils with botulinum toxin. Through the non-operative rhinoplasty you can lift the tip of the nose, straighten bumps, adjust the angle between the nose and forehead, but not narrow the root of the nose.

Some patients inadvertently dilate their nostrils during speech or in certain emotional states. Some of them are uncomfortable with this, and even less know that it is correctable. The lower part of m. nasalis is responsible for this movement, and it can be easily stopped by the administration of botulinum toxin.


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■ dilation of the nostrils when speaking

Pre-treatment precautions

Stop taking Aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs at least 7 days before the procedure. Do not drink alcohol the day before the procedure.


It is not necessary. It is possible to use an anesthetic in the form of a cream.


The duration of the procedure is about 10-20 minutes. The effect lasts between 3 and 6 months.

Post-treatment care

You may have redness that will go away in 2 hours. Anesthesia is not necessary. Do not bend down or lie down for the next 4 hours. The day after the procedure, do not exercise or drink alcohol. Do not massage the treated area.


Pregnancy, lactation, local infection in the treated area, malignant and some autoimmune diseases.

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