Marionette lines

Dr. Stavrov Aesthetics
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Марионетни бръчки. Премахване на марионетни линии с хиалуронова киселина.

Marionette lines are the lines that start from the corners of the lips and continue down to the edge of the lower jaw, giving a sad and tired look. They become more pronounced after the 40th anniversary and are often associated with deep nasolabial folds, which requires their simultaneous correction. In people with a genetic predisposition, it is possible to observe signs of their formation in the 30s, and in some even in the late 20s. Prolonged sun exposure without proper protection and sudden weight loss are also causes that can lead to progression of the problem.

The reason for their formation is due to the redistribution of fat deposits and weakening of the ligament apparatus of the middle and lower facial floor on the one hand, as well as hyperactivity of m. depressor anguli oris.

The approach at премахване на марионетни бръчки is complex - it includes the restoration of lost volumes, strengthening the ligament apparatus of the face, and in more severe cases, reducing the muscular activity of the hyperactive muscle. Depending on the case, this can be done with the help of hyaluronic fillers or tissue stimulants, such as Radiesse®. Better and longer lasting results are observed when combined with procedures that improve skin quality, such as mesotherapies with hyaluronic acid or chemical peel.

When is the correction of puppet lines appropriate

  • in the presence of pronounced puppet wrinkles
  • when the corners of the lips fall
  • in the presence of depressions on both sides of the chin
  • to improve the contour of the lower jaw
марионетни линии продължителност
възстановяване след запълване на гънки
колко издържат филърите в тази област
премахване на марионетни бръчки цена

Как протича процедурата по премахване на марионетни бръчки

The injection of hyaluronic acid is most often done with the help of a cannula. The procedure is not painful, if necessary, lidocaine can be used in the form of a cream, which is applied to the skin for 10-15 minutes. The formation of bruises and hematomas is unlikely. The material is distributed smoothly along the fold itself. An intensive massage follows. The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes and the effect lasts about 8-12 months.

Премахване на марионетни бръчки – преди и след

Marionette lines
Puppet wrinkles - correction with 2 ml. hyaluronic acid
Запълване на марионетни бръчки с хиалуронова  киселина
Запълване на марионетни линии с хиалуронова киселина

Post-treatment care

The use of a cannula makes this procedure extremely gentle. The risks of bruising and hematomas are minimized. There may be a slight swelling accompanied by a feeling of discomfort that disappears in a few days. Do not massage the area unless your doctor has specifically instructed you to do so. Stop visiting saunas, steam baths and solariums for the next few days. Drinking enough water will increase the effect and its duration.

Премахване на марионетни бръчки – цена

With us, the prices for filling puppet lines start from BGN 350. For current prices and current discounts on the services offered, you can see our pricelist.

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Премахване на марионетни бръчки в София

Come to a free aesthetic consultation at Dr. Stavrov Aesthetics clinic. Our address is the city of Sofia, g.k. Manastirski livadi - zapad, Prof. Velizar Velkov St. 36 (behind Pulse fitness center). See how to find us on the about page contact page.

When the procedure is not appropriate

  • local infection in the target zone
  • pregnancy and lactation
  • malignant and autoimmune diseases


Needle or cannula to remove puppet lines?

In our clinic we prefer the use of cannulas due to the lack of pain, bruising and recovery process after the procedure.

Are there effective exercises for removing puppet wrinkles?

Unfortunately, neither exercise nor cosmetics are able to improve the condition of the skin in this area on their own.

Review of Dr. Stavrov, aesthetic dermatologist in Sofia

In aesthetic medicine, the maxim that prevention is the best solution to a problem is very popular. This is especially true for puppet wrinkles. Avoid sudden weight loss, because it leads to loss of volume from the middle of the face and the formation of these vertical folds above and below the mouth. The earlier you visit an aesthetic dermatologist to fill in these wrinkles, the less hyaluronic acid will be needed.

Dr. Konstantin Stavrov, co-owner of Dr. Stavrov Aesthetics clinic in Sofia

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