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HIFU. Non-surgical ultrasonic lifting with the Doublo-s device


Hifu (HIFU, Highly Intensive Focused Ultrasound) is a well-known technology that finds new applications in the field of aesthetic medicine. Focused ultrasound has been used in medicine for decades to treat neoplastic formations and for only a few years to tighten and lift the skin in the face and neck. However, the procedure quickly became a favorite of many patients due to its effectiveness, non-invasiveness, safety and long-term results. Haifu is a significantly cheaper and painless alternative to surgical facelift, which has no recovery period and does not require consideration of the season and sun exposure. We use the proven ultrasound lifting device Doublo-S, which is the work of one of the leading manufacturers of medical equipment Hironic.

What is the principle of non-action of focused ultrasound

The human ear is able to perceive acoustic vibrations with a frequency between 16 and 20,000 Hz. Ultrasound (US) is defined as those waves whose frequency exceeds the upper limit of human perception, ie. they do not differ from the waves in the range we can feel. When not focused, ultrasound has no biological effect on tissues. In the case of Doublo-S the ultrasonic waves are directed to a very small area with the help of a special transducer. The energy thus focused in a limited area has a thermal effect, leading to tissue warming. An analogy can be made with the sun's rays passing through a magnifying glass and falling on a certain point.

Апаратът Doublo-S притежава няколко накрайника. с които фокусираната енергия може да се насочва на различна дълбочина и да се достига различна температура. В два от режимите се въздейства на дълбочина от 1.5мм и 3.0мм, като се достига температура от около 42-43 ℃. Настъпва разширяване на кръвоносните съдове, повишаване притока на кръв към тъканите, стимулиране на колагеногенезата. Ключова роля за ефекта от процедурата има дълбокият накрайник, действащ на дълбочина от около 4.5мм. На това ниво се намира SMAS слоят, съставен от мускулна тъкан и фасции. Достига се висока температура от порядъка на 61-62 ℃, която води до “термотравма”, уплътняване на разтегнатите с възрастта мускулни и колагенови влакна и незабавен лифтинг ефект. Колагеностимулирането продължава в следващите 10-12 седмици, така че пълният потенциал от манипулацията се наблюдава едва след 3 месеца.

This procedure does not damage the surface layer of the skin, which allows its application even in summer.

What is the procedure suitable for?

■ Tightening and lifting of the skin in the area of ​​the middle and lower third of the face
■ Tightening and lifting of the skin in the neck and décolleté
■ Double chin correction
■ Defining the contour of the lower jaw
■ Raising the eyebrows


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■ Pregnancy and lactation
■ Thin or very sagging skin
■ Infection in the treatment area
■ Patients on corticosteroid or other immunosuppressive therapy


Anesthesia is achieved with the help of a cream with a high content of lidocaine. If necessary and at the patient's request, a conductive nerve block can be performed.

Post-treatment care

After the procedure it is necessary to use sunscreen for about a month. Avoid using saunas, steam baths and other warming treatments for the next 2 weeks.

Combination with other procedures

The best effect is observed when combining Hifu with hyaluronic acid fillers and mesotherapies. It is more appropriate to perform the focused ultrasound first and after at least 2-4 weeks the planned injection procedures. The approach for each patient is individual and is planned after a personal aesthetic consultation.

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