Mesotherapy for eyes

бръчки на челото

Mesotherapy for eyes. Eye contour and periorbital area mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy for eyes is used to improve the quality of the skin around the eyes. This area of ​​the face is one of the most dynamically changing. The leading causes are ultraviolet light, repeated contraction of facial muscles and loss of volume. Eye contour mesotherapy is a procedure in which, with the help of a fine needle, multiple punctures are made, through which hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins and minerals are delivered to the dermis.

In which cases is the application of eye mesotherapy appropriate

  • to tighten the skin around the eyes
  • dark circles removal
  • correction of under-eye shadows
RRS Eyes mesotherapy
Mesotherapy for eyes

RRS Eyes mesotherapy

RRS Eyes is specially developed eye mesotherapy, which hydrates the skin, improves the eye contour and reduces the signs of fatigue. It is completely safe and biocompatible. Contains vitamin C, naringin, resveratrol, viniferin, troxerutin, rutin, naringin, hesperidin, ruscogenin, neuruscogenin, aescin, resveratrol, coumarin and organic silicon.

For optimal results, it is necessary to carry out a package of procedures. It depends on the condition of the skin and is determined by an aesthetic dermatologist. Most often, 2-4 procedures are carried out at an interval of 14 days.

In some cases, sunken under-eyes are due to fat loss. Then the use of hyaluronic fillers is indicated for correction of the tear trough.

колко време отнема процедурата мезотерапия за очи
възстановяване след мезотерапия
трайност на ефекта от мезотерапия на околоочен контур
мезотерапия за очи rrs eyes цена

How is RRS Eyes mesotherapy done

RRS Eyes is a special mesotherapy designed for the skin around the eyes. The skin in this area is very thin and sensitive. The area is previously anesthetized with lidocaine cream. The product is then injected using a fine needle. The procedure is associated with minimal discomfort. Finally, an epithelializing cream is applied and a massage is performed. The area is rich in blood vessels, which is a prerequisite for swelling and bruising. This requires you to match the day of the manipulation with upcoming social events. Between 2 and 4 procedures are required, which are carried out at an interval of 2 weeks.

Eye mesotherapy - price

RRS Eyes1.5 mlBGN 100
RRS Eyes
/package of 3 procedures/
1.5 mlBGN 240

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Post-treatment care

You may have redness and small papules that will disappear within a day. This area is richly supplied with blood and the formation of small hematomas is not unusual. It is recommended to plan 1-2 days after the procedure without important social events. Anesthesia is not necessary.


Pregnancy, lactation, local infection in the treated area, malignant and some autoimmune diseases.

Mesotherapy for eyes in Sofia

Would you like to treat yourself to eye contour mesotherapy? Visit Dr. Stavrov Aesthetics. Our address is the city of Sofia, g.k. Manastirski livadi - west, Prof. Velizar Velkov St. 36 (behind Pulse fitness center). See how to find us on the about page contact page.


Is it possible to form bruises after mesotherapy of the eye contour?

The skin around the eyes is thin, delicate and richly supplied with blood. This is a prerequisite for the formation of bruises and swelling. Before the procedure, it is necessary to carefully plan the upcoming social events, leaving several days for recovery.

Can crow's feet wrinkles around the eyes be smoothed out by mesotherapy?

Wrinkles around the eyes, by their nature, are dynamic facial expressions and are most effectively treated with the application of botulinum toxin.

What result can I expect after this procedure?

Mesotherapy for the eyes can achieve hydration of the skin around the eyes, improvement of turgor, lightening and erasing of fine lines. Eye mesotherapy is not suitable for the correction of mimic wrinkles and for filling the tear trough.

Eye contour mesotherapy - reviews

I have experience with various eye contour treatments but in my opinion RRS Eyes is one of the best out there. I am very satisfied, the results are visible only after 2 procedures.

Iliana, 44, Sofia

I work a lot on the computer and my eyes look very tired. I have read opinions of satisfied patients who have tried eye mesotherapy and are satisfied. I decided to give it a try and I don't regret it.

Valya, 37, Sofia

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