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Universkin ™. Personalized series of cosmetics.

Universkin is a French pharmaceutical company founded in 2006, whose products are available in over 30 countries. The company is focused on developing innovative technologies for skin care and improvement.

Universkin offers the development of a product that is fully tailored to the individual needs and characteristics of the patient - simple and revolutionary. What is Universkin ™?

Serum - a 15 ml microemulsion containing Camelina Sativa (wild flax) oil, extremely rich in Omega 3 and Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and some biomimetic peptides.

19 different active ingredients - in the form of powder, packed in capsules and in vacuum packaging, in the minimum effective concentration, according to the medical literature.

This allows the preparation of 1159 different combinations in 57 different concentrations, specially designed for your skin type.

What is the advantage of serums? They are formulated to contain smaller molecules, penetrate to greater depths, and usually contain more antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients to boost cell recovery.

The preparation of personalized personal cosmetics Universkin goes through 2 stages - filling out a questionnaire and a clinical examination by a dermatologist. The product itself is prepared in front of your eyes within a few minutes. The technology used ensures optimal penetration of the active ingredients into the skin and allows their instant binding, while ensuring their homogeneity and stability. Universkin serum can integrate up to 3 different active ingredients without the use of chemical preservatives. For this reason, the product must be used within 8 weeks of the date of preparation.

When is Universkin right for me?

■ Prevention and treatment of oxidative stress - with the use of nicotine products and alcohol, prolonged sun exposure, stress, lack of sleep, fatigue.
■ Improving the quality of the skin - in the presence of fine wrinkles, sagging skin.
■ Redness and inflammatory processes - sensitive skin, rosacea.
■ Dry skin.
■ Imperfections of the skin relief - the presence of comedones, roughness.
■ Oily skin - seasonally or year-round.
■ Hyperpigmentation - melasma, photodamage of the skin, hormone-induced hyperpigmentation.
■ Balancing the skin flora - for acne.


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