Acne on the body


Acne on the body

As a rule, acne on the body is observed in more severe forms of the disease. The décolleté and the upper half of the back are affected. There are also hair and fat follicles in these areas, which can become clogged with fatty secretions and become inflamed. The sebaceous glands are larger and produce more sebum than those on the skin of the face.

Acne in athletes

In recent decades, the incidence of acne in athletes associated with the intake of growth hormones and anabol steroids. They lead to hypertrophy of the sebaceous glands, increased sebum secretion, increased population of P. acnes and therefore the development of so-called doping acne.

Milk protein concentrates are widespread and are used to increase muscle mass. Casein and whey protein are rich in branched chain amino acids. They activate mechanisms that lead to increased sebum secretion and respectively worsening of acne symptoms.

Improper sports equipment also has a bearing. Athletes often use tight-fitting clothing made of synthetic fabrics. Rubbing and pressure from clothes can inflame hair follicles. Suitable clothing is made of natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool. Acne causes a similar mechanism caused by prolonged wearing of a mask - the so-called maskne.


This form of acne is rarely isolated on its own - in addition to the rash on the skin of the back and décolleté, in most cases it also affects the face. Rash units are more often cysts or nodules of various sizes, sometimes painful under pressure. There is a significant risk of scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Acne in bodybuilders. Treatment.

In this type of acne, its appearance is directly related to the use of a specific drug, and after stopping its intake, the rash gradually disappears. The treatment of acne on the body does not differ significantly from that affecting the skin of the face. The main ingredients are the same, but used in different concentrations. You can learn more about the treatment of acne here.

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