Acne scars


Acne scars and hyperpigmentation are severe cosmetic consequences resulting from improper or delayed treatment. The most effective means of combating these complications remains their early prevention. However, there are a number of reliable methods for correcting scars and removing hyperpigmentation.

Chemical peeling

It is a procedure in which a controlled burning of the surface layer of the skin is achieved. The most common active substance is an acid, and in particular trichloroacetic acid, due to its effectiveness and high safety profile. Chemical peels can reduce sebum secretion and shrink pores, which significantly improves active acne. In addition, it can affect the skin relief, as any removal of the superficial skin layer stimulates the formation of new tissue, making it suitable for the appearance of acne scars. The first method of choice is to remove unwanted pigmentation. You can learn more about chemical peels here.


A characteristic feature of scars caused by inflammation, such as acne scars, is that they adhere to the underlying tissues. Subsidy is a procedure in which these adhesions are destroyed and a significant improvement in skin relief is achieved. They are performed under local anesthesia and are associated with minimal discomfort to the patient.

Tissue stimulators

These are substances that are injected into the dermis, stimulating fibroblasts and potentiating the formation of new, young collagen. They lead to improved skin quality and turgor. They are extremely suitable for the correction of acne scars. Learn more about tissue stimulators..

Carbon laser

It can achieve deep burning of the skin. Fibroblasts are stimulated, which leads to the formation of new collagen. Superficial pigmentation is removed. The procedure is recommended to be performed in the autumn-winter period and requires restriction of social activities for a few days.


They have a secondary effect in terms of correcting acne scars, but they are achieved through them deep hydratation on the skin and significantly improves turgor.

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