Chemical peeling

бръчки на челото
Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is called a procedure in which with the help of various acids the connections between the cells that make up the surface skin layers are broken, which leads to their falling off and replacement with new ones. It is the most popular of the various types of peeling due to its safety and high efficiency. It is most often applied in the areas exposed to the most intense sun exposure - face, neck, décolleté, back of the hands.

What is chemical peeling used for?

  • removal of skin pigmentation
  • tan smoothing
  • smoothing of fine wrinkles and lines
  • refreshing and regenerating
  • correction of acne scars and others
  • reduction of sebum secretion of the skin
  • temporary shrinkage of the pores

It is worth noting that depending on the desired result, we use different types of chemical peel. They differ in the type of acid used, its concentration, the time of contact with the skin surface.

Types of chemical peeling according to the depth of action

Superficial chemical peeling - penetrates only the epidermis, can be used for various conditions, including acne, melasma, photodamage.
Medium chemical peeling - reaches the papillary dermis (upper layer of the dermis) and is effective in dyschromia, solar keratoses, acne scars, fine wrinkles due to photodamage.
Deep chemical peeling - penetrates into the reticular dermis (the deep layer of the dermis), and is applicable for severe photodamage, deep wrinkles and scars. The agent used is usually phenol in high concentration. Requires hospital stay. This type of peeling is the most effective, but is associated with the highest risk of side effects and in some countries is even banned.

Easy TCA Pain Control

Easy TCA Pain Control is our choice for chemical peels, due to its efficiency and high safety profile, which determine its place in the golden environment. It is composed mainly on the basis of trichloroacetic acid. Depending on the concentration used, it belongs to the group of medium and moderately deep peels.

Дълбочина на химичните пилинги
Easy TCA Pain Control - level of action

The mechanism of action is through controlled damage to the connections between cells. These connections take place at the level of the epidermis, the dermoepidermal border and structures in the dermis. This trauma leads to exfoliation of the affected structures, stimulation of the production of new cells and to the even distribution of melanin in the skin.

Easy TCA Pain Control
Easy TCA Pain Control

How is peeling with trichloroacetic acid done

The main active ingredient of Easy TCA Pain Control is trichloroacetic acid, the concentration of which can be dosed as needed. Other chemical agents that are contained in a small percentage are a few more organic acids and phenol.

The skin is cleaned with micellar water and makeup is removed. The concentration of trichloroacetic acid is determined depending on the needs. The agent itself is applied to the skin with rotating movements. It can be applied on all photoexposed areas - face, neck, décolleté and back of the hands. Thanks to its patented formula, the procedure is quite tolerable. Depending on the needs, it may be necessary to apply one or more layers of the chemical agent. The sensations range from none to slight burning and discomfort. The acid is left to act until the skin turns white. Then a special cream is applied, which neutralizes the peeling and sun protection. The procedure takes about 15-20 minutes.

After chemical peeling

Immediately after chemical peeling, the skin becomes red. In places there may be a white tint, which illustrates the depth of penetration and is a sign of a job well done. You will feel your skin dry and taut. Peeling begins 2-3 days after the procedure, and in the first 1-2 days it is most intense. This makes Wednesday the best day for peeling, because it allows you to be at home on the weekend. The feeling of tightness can be controlled by regular application of moisturizer. Remember to use sunscreen with a high protective factor and protect yourself from the sun for the next 2 weeks.

Cream after chemical peeling

Skin care after chemical peels is a necessity to achieve good aesthetic results. For a period of about 2-3 weeks it is essential to use a sunscreen with a factor of 50, which is applied 2-3 times a day. These creams can be tinted with some color to mask the initial redness. In the first few days it is recommended to use a moisturizing or epithelializing cream. It relieves the symptoms of tension and speeds up recovery. Some colleagues recommend applying a weak corticosteroid for a short period of time, a step we find unnecessary.

Chemical peeling - before and after

Химичен пилинг - снимки преди и след
Chemical peeling - before and after
Химичен пилинг - снимки преди и след
Chemical peeling - before and after

Reviews of chemical peels from our patients

When I was younger, I used to visit the solarium regularly, which led to a lot of pigmentation on my face and décolleté. I tried different creams, but they had a satisfactory effect. I have tried different peels, but I was most satisfied with Easy TCA Pain Control. Fading and disappearance of pigmentation was seen after the first procedure.

Milena, 34y., Sofia

I have acne-prone skin, which I manage to control with cosmetics. With the constant wearing of masks in the fall and winter, the condition of my skin worsens. It becomes greasy and pimples form. By peeling I manage to temporarily shrink my pores and reduce fat secretion. Използвам всяка есен и зима да направя 1-2 процедури.

Veronica, 27y., Sofia

Price for chemical peeling

With us the price for chemical peeling Easy TCA Pain Control is BGN 100. For current prices of the offered services you can see ours pricelist.

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