Lipoma removal

бръчки на челото
Премахване на липом с операция

What is a lipoma?

Lipomas are benign tumors composed of mature fat cells. They are the most common mesenchymal tumor. Lipomas are found in the subcutaneous tissues and less commonly in the internal organs. The subject of dermatosurgery are lipomas of the first group, which include:

  • lipomas of the head
  • lipomas of the neck
  • lipomas of the body

Causes of lipomas

The causes of lipomas are mainly related to genetic predisposition. Their frequency is on average 1: 1000 people. Single lipomas are more common in women and multiple lipomas in men.

Treatment of lipomas on the skin

Diagnosing lipomas is not difficult. They are observed as subcutaneous, round, well-limited and mobile to the surrounding tissues formations with soft-elastic consistency. The most correct therapeutic approach is their surgical removal, unlike their treatment with lasers or the decomposition of lipomas with solutions.

Surgical removal of lipoma

Lipoma removal with surgery is the most correct therapeutic approach because it guarantees a successful outcome. Lipomas are located in their own fat capsule, which needs to be removed during surgery to avoid recurrence. The patient's skin is cleansed and anesthetized with local anesthesia, which is administered with a thin needle. This is practically the only discomfort for the patient. A small incision is then made through which the formation and its capsule are extirpated. The resulting hole is then restored with an aesthetic seam, which guarantees an excellent end result. Depending on the location of the incision, the sutures are removed between 7 and 15 days. Then an anti-scar cream is prescribed, which is used for about a month. In almost all cases, histopathological examination of the lesion is not necessary.

Price for surgical removal of lipoma

Surgical removal of facial skin formation BGN 250
Surgical removal of facial skin formation
/each subsequent lesion/
BGN 200
Surgical removal of skin formation from the body BGN 200
Surgical removal of skin formation from the body
/each subsequent lesion/
BGN 150
Histopathological examination BGN 100
Biopsy with histopathological examination BGN 130

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