Aesthetic dermatology

бръчки на челото

Aesthetic dermatology is one of the most dynamically developing medical disciplines. Its focus is non-invasive and micro-invasive techniques for correction of unwanted wrinkles, restoration of lost volume, erasure of scars, increase turgor and skin quality, reduction of excess fat deposits and more.

There is no universal algorithm for achieving the desired appearance, so a personal analysis of facial status is made for each patient. Make an appointment for a free consultation at the following link:

The processes that occur with age and under the action of gravity affect all tissues - from skin to bones:

■ the processes of bone resorption become more intensive, at the expense of those of bone formation
■ increase of the size of natural bone openings such as the orbit, nasal bone and oral apparatus
■ shortening of the upper jaw
■ reduction of the length and height of the lower jaw
■ stretching and relaxing the ligament apparatus of the face
■ atrophy of deep fat deposits
■ ptosis and redistribution of surface fat deposits
■ reducing the amount of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the dermis
■ photoaging of the skin

As a result of these changes, facial wrinkles, nasolabial and puppet lines appear, the contour of the lower jaw is disturbed, etc.

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