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бръчки на челото

Peeling. Types of peeling.

This is a procedure that destroys the top layer of skin. This effect is most often achieved by acids (chemical) or lasers (laser). Depending on the depth of action, we distinguish between superficial, medium and deep peeling.

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Superficial - most often done at home. It aims to remove the top layer of horny cells and make the skin fresher and more radiant. Almond, citric acid, etc. are used. It is convenient to use, but the results are very limited.

Middle depth - most widespread. It has a high safety profile and the benefit / risk ratio is most acceptable. It is used to remove pigmentation, the finest wrinkles, correction of mild to moderate atrophic scars, acne skin to reduce sebum secretion. Trichloroacetic acid or lasers are used. Depending on the indication and the individual case, 1 to 4 procedures are applied at intervals of 2 to 4 weeks.

Deep - it is applied only in stationary conditions. The most commonly used agent is phenol. It should be noted that it is banned in most countries due to the many side effects. The active substance exfoliates to medium levels of the dermis. It is indicated for scars and moderate and deep wrinkles.


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Application and flow

Peeling is most often applied to the skin of the face, neck, décolleté and back of the hands. It is very well tolerated and no prior anesthesia is required. The procedure takes about 20 minutes, after which there is a slight to moderate redness. Peeling and falling off of the skin begins after the second day. Although it is usually moderate and can be controlled with moisturizing and epithelializing creams, it is best to plan for upcoming social activities. The care after the procedure consists in the application of moisturizing creams and sunscreen with a high factor, which makes autumn and winter the most preferred seasons. The results are usually available after the first session. For maximum effect, it is recommended to combine the procedure with mesotherapy.

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